Theology at SVST: Narrating the Birth and Development of a Pastoral Formation for a Just and Compassionate Society
Jimmy A. Belita, CM
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The first part of this article is the narration of the birth and growth of a seminary and a theological school. Their joint identity as a Catholic institution is assured by the putting into operation the post-Vatican decrees and directives of the Sacred Congregation on Seminaries and other pertinent Vatican offices. Before a seminary or theological school searches and finds its own specific identity (most likely based on the charism of a religious group or community), that institution has to be compliant of and conformed to the Church’s mandate on seminary formation and theological education. The second part of this article is about the culture and character of SVST blended in the soil of the Catholic social thought and the Vincentian charism. The fertile fusion of the two would give SVST its identity or DNA, as it were, metaphorically. Its specific identity is an add-on to the minimum features required of a curriculum of a theological school both from the government and the Church. How has SVST found its identity or character is based on the background and foreground of its “founding fathers,” its on-going parenting for it to grow by relevant inputs and pertinent methods applied; thus, it is able to maintain itself and is allowed to grow consistently and creatively as a faithful heir of the Catholic social thought and Vincentian charism.

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