St. Justin Library

The name of St. Vincent School of Theology's library is St. Justin Theological Library,from the Vincentian saint’s name St. Justin de Jacobis. It is located in a separate one-storey building at the center of the school and is fully air-conditioned. The library is open from 8:00 - 12:00 AM and 1:00 – 5:00 PM during school days. The different sections of the library include the Cataloging, Acquisition, Reference, Filipiniana, Periodicals, Circulation/Reserve; it has a special collection section, known as the Vincentiana collection. The St. Justin Theological Library of SVST adopts an open-shelf system whereby users have direct access to the collection. The library integrated system software is the Athena 8.1 version.



The library’s present collection includes about 20,015 titles of books; 116 titles of periodicals, local and international. The reference collection totals to 1,159 volumes of well-chosen titles; Filipiniana has 3,480 titles. Most of the collection consists of Philosophy and Theology books. The Vincentiana collections contain biographies, correspondence, conference proceedings and documents of St. Vincent de Paul written by Vincentian priests. The collection has 50 titles of books and 105 volumes of bound periodicals starting with the year 1986 up to the present. The titles of the Vincentian’s periodical collection include Anales, Vincentiana and Vincentiana Heritage. The other Vincentiana collections such as Vincentian Priests’ and Brothers’ personal memorabilia, biographies, diaries, correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial records, etc. and congregation’s religious artifacts, documents and any other item or object that may be related to the congregation are also found in the Museum.