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ANNOUNCEMENT: Academic Calendar

By The Registrar's Office

School Year 2020-2021

First Semester

Sept 25 (F)  SVST Day – General Student Assembly*
Sept 27 (S)  Feast of St. Vincent de Paul+
Sept 28-Oct 3 (M)-Sat Prelim Examinations
Oct 31 - Nov 1- 2 Sat-M All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day+
Nov 9 - 14 (M-Sat)  Mid-Term Examination
Nov 25 (W)  Academic-Social Forum (Online)*
Nov 30 (M)  Bonifacio Day+
Dec 8 (T)  Feast of the Immaculate Conception+
Dec 19 (Sat)  Final Examinations (Saturday- M.A. Students)
Dec 16-19 (Thu-Sat) Final Examinations
Dec 21-22 (M-F)  Final Examination (Continuation)
Dec 23 (W)  Christmas at the Margins Celebration*
Jan 4-8 (M-F)  Encoding of Final Grades (Adamson U)
Jan 6 (W)  Deadline of Submission of Final Grades (SVST)
February 5 (F)  Mid-Year Commencement Exercises (tentative)

Second Semester

Jan 12 -23 (T-Sat)  Second Semester Enrollment
Jan 25 (M)  Start of Classes
Jan 25-Feb 2 (M-T)  Dropping of Subjects without record of enrolment
Feb 3 (W)  SVST Student Assembly *
Feb 12 (Th) Chinese New Year+
Feb 15- April 8 (M-Th) Application for May Graduation
Feb 19 (F) Last day of Submission of Synthesis Papers
Feb 24 (W) Academic-Social Forum*
Feb 25 (Th) People Power Revolution+
Feb 26 (F) Faculty Semestral Meeting
March 1-16 (M-T) Prelim Examination
March 24 (W) Academic-Social Forum*
March 31-April 4 (W-S) Holy Week+
April 9 (F) Araw ng Kagitingan +
April 12-17 (M-Sat) Midterm Examination
April 15-17 (Th-Sat) Comprehensive Examinations
April 28 (W) Academic-Social Forum*
May 1 (Sat) Labor Day+
May 13 (Th) Eidul-Fitr (End of Ramadan) +
May 22 (Sat) Final Examinations (Saturday- MA Students)
May 24-28 (M-F) Final Examination
May 28 (F) SVST Thanksgiving Day*
May 28-30 (F-S) Faculty Teambuilding
May 31- June 4 (M-F) Encoding of Final Grades (Adamson U.)
June 2 (W) Deadline of Submission of Final Grades (SVST)
June 30 (W) Year End Commencement Exercises (tentative)

MID-YEAR TERM (Summer Program)

June 8-19 (T-Sat) Midyear Term Enrollment
June 16 -18 (W-F) Dropping of Subjects without Record of Enrollment
June 21 (M) Classes Begin (SVST Schedule: To follow)
June 30 (W) Year End Commencement Exercises (tentative)
July 9 (F) Midterm Examination
July 12-13 (M-F) Encoding of Midterm Grades
July 28 (W) Final Examination
July 29 to 30 (Th-F) Encoding of Final Grades
July 31 (Sat) Uploading of Grades



* Required Attendance
+Holiday (No classes)