By Daniel Franklin E. Pilario, CM

We often blame the millennials to be self-centered, concerned with gadgets and just themselves, attention seekers, ambitious and lacking in commitment. They do not have social conscience, people say. That is not the whole truth. It is not true at all.

This young lady decided to cancel her plans for her debut party this week, volunteered in the repacking of goods, gave all her and her brother's savings to our hot meals program. The 18-roses, the 18-candles, and the fancy clothes in a big party --- which is the dream of any young girl --- does not compare with the thousands, maybe millions, who are hungry around us. This young lady chose to let go of the former, and care for the latter. These rolls of pesos from a young girl's savings say it all.

In the midst of all hopelessness and darkness, of hunger, pain and death, I have always been looking for even the tiniest signs of hope that can sustain us. And this is one of the bright lights that gives us hope for tomorrow.

Thank you Erla and Ethan. You and other millennials like you give us hope. We shall overcome.