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PAPAG: The Official Student Publication of SVST 2020-2021



The academic year 2020-2021 was no doubt a very tough and exceptional year for us here in SVST, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has profoundly impacted our lives and the way we were used to doing things. It reshaped our institution, conversations, education, and mission outreach to the extent that now we are all being forced to rethink how we engage with one another.

Specifically, the pandemic has changed our traditional way of in-class learning and has tampered with some of our SVST communal get-together activities that are best enjoyed and appreciated in person. SVST, however, as a progressive institution and always ready to adjust, did not waste time in utilizing the new opportunities that the pandemic has brought for study, reaching out in mission, and for a genuine encounter. It quickly leverage on the online digital platforms and other creative mediums for classes, symposia, assemblies, and gatherings. SVST as a community has remained consistent in its educational vision and charitable mandate, exploring countless initiatives for concrete charity that bears witness to God’s love at work and reminding everyone of the real essence of mission, especially to the poor. We have become more creative and flexible in our learning and study methods as we continue to be on track together in building the SVST that the world needs now.

Therefore, this year, as Christianity clocks 500 years since its arrival in Philippine soil, we dedicate PAPAG 2020-2021 to looking back at our missionary journey as a Church. In doing this, we reflect on how Christianity has helped shape the beautiful history and rich culture of our nation, as well as relate the successes that have brought us thus far, coupled with its many setbacks. So 500 years after, despite the many challenges

ranging from socio-political to economic disparities to poverty and even now to the scourge of a pandemic, we are thankful for the gift of our unconquerable Christian faith and the resilience of the Filipino spirit. We as a community and even more as a Church have kept hope alive on our missionary journey towards the complete realization of God’s kingdom on earth.

On the following pages, you will find short reflections coming from SVST on our mission as a Church, where we are today as an institution amid the pandemic as well as the opportunities for reaching out that await us. We have also captured here the beautiful experiences and reflections from SVST on the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the ongoing online classes and how we have been able to utilize all the good that it brings.

Our hope as always is that the reflections within, while they come as a conversation starter, continue to serve as a trigger for action. Wishing you all a happy read!

Adah Audu, MMMP
Editor - in- Chief

PAPAG: The Official Student Publication of SVST 2020-2021
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PAPAG: The Official Student Publication of SVST 2020-2021