By Daniel Franklin E. Pilario, CM

The people of Myanmar is close to the heart of SVST. Over the years, we have many graduates from Myanmar who are now working with their people on the ground. Today, we still have many Myanmar students who are studying with us.

We feel the pains and the suffering of their families and friends. This message of solidarity and resistance is for them and the millions of Myanmar people in this difficult moment for their history.

We take to heart the words of Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti: "Loving an oppressor does not mean allowing him to keep oppressing us, or letting him think that what he does is acceptable. On the contrary, true love for an oppressor means seeking ways to make him cease his oppression; it means stripping him of a power that he does not know how to use, and that diminishes his own humanity and that of others" (Fratelli Tutti 241).

For our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, we say "keep on". In one local language, we say: "Padayon".

Thanks to our Myanmar contributors, Student Council (Gab), our media ministry (Dom) and all who made this video possible. Thanks. Padayon!

Daniel Franklin E. Pilario, CM
St. Vincent School of Theology
Adamson University