Mga Kwento ng Pagsamba at Pakikibaka


St. Vincent School of Theology presents a Missio-Munich production. Seven films about men and women who live out their faith in trying times. DVD sales will go to the justice and peace work of the Vincentians. Support this work by buying the original DVDs.






1. Lupang Hinarang sa Sumilao (30:40)
    The Sumilao Farmers walk from Mindanao to Manila to fight for land they have tilled for ages.
2. Ang Tagapagtanggol ng Lupaing Ninuno (26:38)
    Dumagat Leader Vic opposes a big government project that will destroy his tribe's forests and seas in Casiguran, Aurora.
3. Ang Misyon sa mga Lumad (27:39)
    Redemptorist Brother Karl lives out his mission among the indigenous peoples of Mindanao.

Disc One, Video 3: Ang Misyon sa mga Lumad (27:39)




1. Kayod Kabayo (22:29)
Nante works round-the-clock as a janitor in SM by the day and a fishport worker in Navotas by night. Directed by Pabelle Manikan.


2. Ang Mabuting Samaritano ng Payatas (15:49)
Jingle gives back as a parish worker in Payatas helping other poor women and children.


3. Huwag Kang Papatay (13:54)
Vincentian priest Fr. Danny deals with the grief of widows and orphans caught in a brutal drug war where thousands have been killed in extra-judicial killings.


4. Ang Bagong Normal (16:43)
Millenials karla and Ruby, songwriter Gary, and La Salle brother JJ bravely oppose the “new normal” of extra-judicial killings and the return of strongman rule.

Disc Two, Video 3: Huwag Kang Papatay (13:54)


Disc Two, Video 4: Ang Bagong Normal (16:43)



Gary Granada’s full concert- a unique and creative way of learning the Catholic social teachings through 18 of his most-loved songs on faith and justice. Co-produced in collaboration with the League of Authors of Public Interest Songs (LAPIS).
1. Sa Dulong ng Ama (5:40)
2. Eroplanong Papel (5:19)
3. Gubat (2:38)
4. Dam (3:27)
5. Musikero sa Japan (5:15)
6. Uunahin ko Kayo (5:48)
7. Kababaihan (4:47)
8. Katribo Ko (6:13)
9. Iisa (4:43)
10. Kasama (4:09)
11. Bahay (3:02)
12. Holdup (3:46)
13. Kristong Manggagawa (4:09)
14. Kamanlilikha (4:45)
15. Butil ng Pag-ibig (5:06)
16. Sayang pag Sinayang Mo (6:15)
17. Misyon (4:56)
18. Pagsamba at Pakikibaka (3:05)

Disc Three, Video 18: Pagsamba at Pakikibaka (3:05)


Disc Three, Video 12: Holdup (3:06)



St. Vincent School of Theology presents a Missio-Munich production. Produced and directed by Ditsi Carolino. Cinematography by Matt Baguinon, Coicoi Nacario, Pabelle Manikan, EJ Mijares, Kyle Venturillo, Gladys Lllanes, Mark Lifana and Ditsi Carolino. Edited by Pabelle Manikan and Gladys Llanes.