Dionisio Abuel, CM

Eras Mundus Masters in Bioethics; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Radbound University Nijmegen Netherlands, University of Padova Italy.
MA Theology Major in Pastoral Minsitry, St. Vincent School of Theology
MA Nursing major in Administration, La Concorda College
BS Nursing, Sacred Heart College

Dionisio Abuel is a faculty member of St. Vincent School of Theology where he teaches subjects mainly in ethics and morality. Before becoming a priest, he first worked as a nurse and instructor from 1992 until 2004. From being a private nurse, he entered the Sariaya Institute to work as a school nurse and faculty member. In 1994, he entered the San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Inc. to work as a Critical Care Nurse where he also served as a faculty member. During the summers of 1995 until 1998, he served as a clinical instructor in the affiliation of nursing students from different colleges. For one year, he was a high school faculty member at the De Paul College in Iloilo and in 2004, he became an instructor at the College of Nursing in Adamson University. It was in 2005 that he began his Pastoral Experience as Assistant Parish Priest at St. Vincent de Paul Parish. He is a former treasurer of SVST and formation director of De Paul House. He is also a finance council member of the Congregation of the Mission and member of Institutional Review Board (IRB) in San Juan De Dios Hospital. He is presently involved in the formation of seminarians at Vincentian Hills Seminary in Angono, Rizal.



RECTOR: Manuel Ginete, CM, PhD
DEAN: Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, PhD, SThD
VICE-DEAN: Rolando Tuazon, CM, PhD, SThD

PhD in Theology Program
Director: Manuel Ginete, CM
Coordinator: Emiliano Ibera III, PhD
Members: Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM
Fr. Rolando Tuazon, CM

Philosophy Program
Director: Rolando Tuazon, CM
Coordinator: Kenneth Centeno, PhD

Ordained Ministry and Masters Program
Director: Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, PhD

SVST-KU Leuven Program
Director: Bethany Sulleza, RSCJ

Lay Formation Program (Hapag-Layko)
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Student Affairs
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Manuel Ginete, CM

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Kenneth Centeno, CM
Emiliano Ibera III, PhD
Manuel Ginete, CM

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Emiliano Ibera III, PhD
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Emiliano Ibera III, PhD

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