Manuel Ginete, CM

Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies (Theology): Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Master of Arts in Theology: De Paul University, Chicago, Illinois USA
Master of Divinity: De Andreis Seminary, Lemont, Illinois, USA
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: St. Mary’s Seminary College, Perryville, Missouri, USA

Fr. Manuel F. Ginete C.M. comes from the Philippines, was received into the Congregation of the Mission in 1966, studied philosophy in Perryville, Missouri, and theology in Lemont, Illinois. Ordained a priest in 1976, he did his priestly ministry mostly in seminaries and formation houses. He was Rector of the Archdiocesan Regional Seminary (Theology Department) of Seminario Mayor de San Carlos, Cebu City from 1986 to 1998, when he was elected Provincial Superior of the Philippine Province of the Congregation of the Mission. He served for a term of six years, and in 2004 was appointed Delegate of the Superior General for the Vincentian Family worldwide, a post he held until 2010. From 2011 to January 2019, he was a volunteer missionary in South Sudan with the inter-congregational project, Solidarity with South Sudan, first as member and later as head of Pastoral Affairs. He also served as Program Coordinator at the Good Shepherd Peace Center, a joint project of religious congregations in Kit, Juba, South Sudan. In January 2019, he came back to the Philippines, and currently serves as Rector of St. Vincent School of Theology (SVST) and resides in De Paul House (the Vincentian Theology Formation House) in Quezon City, Philippines.



RECTOR: Manuel Ginete, CM, PhD
DEAN: Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, PhD, SThD
VICE-DEAN: Rolando Tuazon, CM, PhD, SThD

PhD in Theology Program
Director: Manuel Ginete, CM
Coordinator: Emiliano Ibera III, PhD
Members: Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM
Fr. Rolando Tuazon, CM

Philosophy Program
Director: Rolando Tuazon, CM
Coordinator: Kenneth Centeno, PhD

Ordained Ministry and Masters Program
Director: Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM, PhD

SVST-KU Leuven Program
Director: Bethany Sulleza, RSCJ

Lay Formation Program (Hapag-Layko)
Director: Enrique P. Batangan

Recruitment and Admissions
Director: John Era, CM, PhD

Resource Center for Social Concern
Director: Director: Emiliano Ibera III, PhD

Student Affairs
Director: Dario Pacheco, CM

Library Committee
Director: Dario Pacheco, CM
Librarian: Maylene Urcia
Members: Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM
Rolando Tuazon, CM
Manuel Ginete, CM

Research Committee
Chair: Daniel Franklin E. Pilario, CM
Members: Rolando Tuazon, CM
Kenneth Centeno, CM
Emiliano Ibera III, PhD
Manuel Ginete, CM

Network and Linkages Committee
Chair: John Era, CM
Members: Enrique Batangan
Emiliano Ibera III, PhD
Rolando Tuazon, CM
Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM

Curriculum and Syllabi Committee
Chair: Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM
Members: Rolando Tuazon, CM
Kenneth Centeno, CM
Dario Pacheco, CM
Emiliano Ibera III, PhD

Scholarship Committee
Chair: Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM
Members: Manuel Ginete, CM
John Era, CM
Erna Carreon
Rodiper Calumpiano