Tomas Maddela, EPC

License in Sacred Liturgy, Pontifical Liturgical Institute, Rome
Master in Divinity, St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary
Bachelor in Theology, St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary
Associate in Arts (Classical), Trinity College of Quezon City

Tomas S. Maddela is a full-time professor, Registrar and former Dean of Studies of St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary. He is also a faculty member of St. Vincent School of Theology and Maryhill School of Theology where he has been a member of the academic council for numerous years. He also teaches at the Asian Institute of Liturgy and Music where he is also the Academic Coordinator and former Dean of Studies. He is an Area Registrar and former Dean of the Philippine Area at the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology. Also, he is currently the secretary of the Philippine Theological Society. His other teaching experiences include holding a position as a lecturer in liturgy at Aglipay Central Theological Seminary (1993-1996) and St. Louis University (1998 to 2007). Aside from his academic posts, he has also held a number of ecclesiastical posts since 1989. Currently, he is a member of the National Commission for Liturgy and Christian Education of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines as well as the Episcopal Diocese of North Central Philippines (EDNCP) Oikos Board and Committee on Liturgy, Church Music and Culture. He is also an ECP Representative to International Anglican Liturgical Consultation and the Priest-in-Charge in San Isidro Labrador Episcopal Mission, Zambales.

He has delivered lectures on Liturgy and Sacraments in various local and international ecumenical conferences since 1989. He also writes articles for the Journals of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary where he is the Literary Editor.



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VICE-DEAN: Rolando Tuazon, CM, PhD, SThD

PhD in Theology Program
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Coordinator: Emiliano Ibera III, PhD
Members: Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario, CM
Fr. Rolando Tuazon, CM

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Coordinator: Kenneth Centeno, PhD

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