Enrique Batangan

MA in Theology (Dogmatic Studies), St. Vincent School of Theology- Adamson University
BA History Major/minor in English with units in Education, Corregidor College

Enrique Batangan has been involved in a number of socio-pastoral and community organizing works since 1975. Aside from being a resource person “on call” of Education for Life Foundation (ELF) and Popular Education for People’s Empowerment (PEPE), he also engages in consultancy work with various NGOs, parishes and religious congregations. He currently teaches at St. Vincent School of Theology (SVST) and is currently the Director of Hapag-Layko program. He worked as Documentation Assistant in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong during the early 1980s under the auspices of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA). In summer of 1985, he addressed the Annual General Meeting of the Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) in London and its partner groups in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In 1986, he joined an exposure trip to Nicaragua. Ten years after his exposure to the BECs of Nicaragua, in 1996, he took up a course on Conflict Analysis and Transformation at the Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia. In 1998, he attended the Spring Term course on International Studies at the International Peoples’ College (IPC) in Helsingor, Denmark. At present, in addition to his socio-pastoral works, he also facilitates workshops on Popular Education, Culture and Religion, Pastoral Management, BEC Building, Social Analysis and Conflict Mediation.


● “Turning the North American Model of Conflict Mediation Upside Down: A Philippine Experience” (Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, USA, 1996)
● “East is East, West is West and the Twain Shall Meet: An Inquiry into the Pedagogy of N.F.S. Gruntdvig and Paulo Freire” (International Peoples’ College, Denmark, 1998)
● “The Divine in the Quotidian: Towards A Prolegomenon To A Theology of Everyday Life”, 2015
● Faith and Justice: Basic Christian Communities in the Philippine: Catholic Institute for International Relations, London, UK, 1985
● Basic Christian Communities: Catalysts for Liberation (Part II) Methodologies and Experiences: Contributor (Claretian Publications, Quezon City), 1987
● Kiwa-Kiwa: A Manual for Community Animators: Co-author (a joint publication of the Education Forum of AMRSP and Basic Christian Communities-Community Organizing (BCC-CO), 1991
● Pamumuno at Pagnenegosyo: Gabay sa Pag-aaral: Contributor (Education for Life Foundation Distance Learning Program), 1998
● Pamumuno sa Barangay: Gabay sa Pag-aaral: Contributor (Education for Life Foundation Distance Learning Program), 1999
● Faith in Action: Catholic Social Teaching on the Ground: Contributor (St. Vincent School of Theology), 2017
● Beyond Injunction, Achievement and Sincerity: A Lay Person’s Reflection on Evangelical Poverty: Article (Religious Life Asia, Institute of Consecrated Life in Asia), July-September 2002 issue
● The “Everyday” is Sufficient unto Itself: Everyday Life in Socio-Pastoral Praxis: Article (Hapag), Volume 10; Number 1 (2013)
● Epilogue of “Faith and Social Justice: Basic Christian Communities in the Philippines” (CIIR, 1985)



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